Example: Plotting in three dimensions

Published 2015-10-26 | Author: Stefan Kottwitz

Functions with two arguments can be visualized in three-dimensional plots. Getting this on paper or into a PDF, is a bit more challenging. We need a projection, a view point, or angle, there’s a depth which means parts should be hidden and others in the front.

We will use the pgfplots package to plot f(x,y) = sin(x)*sin(y).

The code, and more, is explained in the LaTeX Cookbook, Chapter 10, Advanced Mathematics, Plotting in three dimensions.

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Plotting in three dimensions
% Plotting in three dimensions
% Author: Stefan Kottwitz
% https://www.packtpub.com/hardware-and-creative/latex-cookbook
\begin{axis} [
    title = {$f(x,y) = \sin(x)\sin(y)$},
    xtick = {0,90,...,360},
    ytick = {90,180,...,360},
    xlabel = $x$, ylabel = $y$,
    ticklabel style = {font = \scriptsize},
\addplot3 [surf, domain=0:360, samples=60] 
	{ sin(x)*sin(y) };


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