About the LaTeX Cookbook

This is a collection of easily digestible LaTeX recipes. They are for learning how to cook yourself, providing a quick start. Each example is fully compilable. You can simply open it in Overleaf aka writeLaTeX online LaTeX compiler with a single click. Explanations are not yet added, you may look for information within code comments.

Terms of use

The examples in the gallery are copyrighted by their respective authors. All examples are available under a Creative Commons attribution license.

Proper attribution is to mention somewhere in your code or document who created the example and to provide a link to http://latex-cookbook.net.

Contribute an example!

You are more than welcome to contribute recipes. Send an email to stefan.kottwitz at googlemail.com, or see the contact page for other ways to reach me. All contributed examples must be released under the Creative Commons attribution license.

Technical details

The gallery is implemented using the high-level Python Web framework Django. A Python script is used to build and update the gallery from a set of LaTeX source files. The following tools and libraries are used in the process: