Welcome to the LaTeX Cookbook!

On this website, you can read and download the code for various LaTeX examples belonging to the LaTeX Cookbook, written and published at Packt Publishing, now available in the second edition.

New: In EU countries, including Germany, the Amazon book price dropped now below 43€. Before, it wasn’t directly available, and (Re-)Seller listed it for 67€ and more.

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This website is currently in the process of updating for the second edition of the book, published in March 2024 with a focus on print and ebook. Now we work on the website and GitHub. Come here often!

Have a look at this sample chapter: Chapter 11, Using LaTeX in Science and Technology.

Open all code at once in a single Overleaf project: LaTeX-Cookbook-Code.zip (First Edition) The second edition complete code bundle is in preparation these days.

The code for the second edition is currently being uploaded to GitHub.

The front page gallery has some examples; it’s planned to be extended.

New: You can now compile the examples directly on this website, even with a smartphone. You can even edit the code with your own ideas to change it, and compile it here.

What you can do with this book

  • Choose the right document class for your project to customize its features
  • Utilize fonts globally and locally
  • Frame, shape, arrange and annotate images
  • Add a bibliography, a glossary, and an index
  • Create colorful graphics including diagrams, flow charts, bar charts, trees, plots in 2d – and 3d, timelines, and mind maps
  • Solve typical tasks for various sciences including math, physics, chemistry, electrotechnics, and computer science
  • Optimize PDF output and enrich it with metadata, annotations, popups, animations, and fill-in fields
  • Use ChatGPT for efficient coding and writing

Please rate (and possibly review) the book on Amazon if you got it there, your feedback means much to me and helps to get a second edition!

I’m also happy to get email feedback, you can reach me at: stefan@latex.org

Back to 3rd person speaking. 🙂

About the author

The author Stefan Kottwitz studied mathematics in Jena and Hamburg. He works as network and IT security engineer both for Lufthansa Industry Solutions.

For many years, he has been providing LaTeX support on online forums. He maintains the web forums LaTeX.org and goLaTeX.de and the Q&A sites TeXwelt.de and TeXnique.fr. He runs the TeX graphics gallery sites TeXample.net and PGFplots.net, the TeXdoc.org service and CTAN LaTeX software mirrors. He is a moderator of the TeX Stack Exchange site and on matheplanet.com. He publishes ideas and news from the TeX world on his blogs LaTeX.net and TeX.co. He also authored the LaTeX Beginner’s Guide in 2011, with the second edition in 2021, and LaTeX Graphics with TikZ in 2023.

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If you need any help regarding LaTeX, the Cookbook, or this website, you can post your question or query on LaTeX.org where the author reads and answers.

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