Author’s LaTeX websites

All of the servers and web sites here are supported by DANTE e.V., the German speaking TeX user group. For several years now, DANTE covered the provider and hardware costs for two professional servers that have enough resources to run various virtual machines for different purposes. The maintainer of the servers is Stefan Kottwitz.

This is what runs on this DANTE supported hardware:


LaTeX.orgInternational forum with 98006 posts in 24889 topics by 18977 users
TeXwelt.deGerman Q&A forum with 3610 questions and 4102 answers
goLaTeX.deGerman forum with 107232 posts in 20907 topics by 8390 users
Plus German wiki with command reference:
TeXnique.frFrench Q&A forum with 1161 questions and 1502 answers


TeXample.netTikZ gallery with community blog aggregator, with 407 examples of 190 authors
TikZ.netTikZ gallery with focus on physics, 936 pictures in 216 documents with full code
pgfplots.netPGFPlots gallery
LaTeX-Cookbook.netA gallery of chosen examples of the LaTeX Cookbook, re-using the same framework as above sites
LaTeXguide.orgCode and additions to the LaTeX Beginner’s Guide
LaTeX.netThis article database
TeX.worldA showcase of TeX sites

Software Archives and Mirrors

CTAN.netOfficial CTAN mirror
TeXlive.deOther TeX Live mirror (in maintainance, pointing to


TeXfragen.deGerman TeX FAQ
texfaq.orgInternational TeX FAQ, moved to Github now UK TeX FAQ, moved to Github now Portuguese TeX FAQ


tex-talk.netStackExchange TeX blog with a lot of Interviews of TeX friends
texblog.netStefan’s TeX blog since 2008
tex.tipsQuick mini TeX tips blog
mychemistry.euClemen’s chemistry TeX blog
tikz.deGerman TikZ friends blog
tex.myMalaysian TeX Users Group site, authored by Lian Tze
TeX.coGerman TeX blog


TeXlive.netTeX Live online compiler (for, forums, and blogs)
TeXdoc.netDwoo/XLST powered TeXdoc web interface, now moved to
TeXdoc.orgTeXdoc web interface based on the Island of TeX docker container
LaTeX2e.orgLaTeX2e unofficial reference manual, mirror of